We are delighted to announce that the last part of Phase III within the iProcureSecurity PCP project, dedicated to testing and evaluating of pilot systems, is ongoing. During this Phase 5 Pilot operations will take place in the piloting partners‘ premises in 5 countries (Turkey, Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain) to test and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction of our EMS systems. The Pilot Operations programme is as follows:

  1. Izmir, Turkey, May 7-8, 2024
  2. Vienna, Austria, May 23-25, 2024
  3. Athens, Greece, May 28-30, 2024
  4. Milan, Italy, June 4, 2024
  5. Malaga, Spain, June 12-14, 2024

As part of this phase, our team successfully executed the first pilot operation in Izmir, Turkey, on May 7-8, 2024, showcasing our commitment to innovation and research.

The i-TRIER Triage Management System is being developed with the aim of strengthening resilience and interoperability of Emergency Medical Services. This phase involves testing and evaluation of our solutions under real-life conditions, engaging patients, EMTs, and healthcare professionals.

The i-TRIER technologies are being developed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Civil Protection agencies. From incident declaration to victim triage, resource management, and casualty care, our solutions aim to revolutionise emergency response related to natural disasters or man-made incidents.

The ongoing testing and evaluation process of Phase III will provide valuable feedback on the functionalities and benefits of the i-TRIER technologies and will result in a refined system primed for market adoption.

i-TRIER is part of the iProcureSecurity PCP project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

Stay informed about our progress by exploring the latest edition of the iProcureSecurity PCP Newsletter, where you’ll find detailed insights into our pilot activities and planned scenarios across multiple countries. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and advancement!