It is with great excitement and pleasure that we announce that i-TRIER has been successfully awarded for Phase III of the iProcureSecurity PCP Project!

After months of productive research work, technical developments and prototype testing, it is time for our partners to enter the next phase and start working deeper on the further development of the i-TRIER Triage Management System with the aim of strengthening resilience and interoperability of Emergency Medical Services. Phase III also includes testing and evaluation of our solutions under real-life conditions, involving patients, EMTs, and health professionals.

The Pilot activities will take place in the piloting partners‘ premises in 5 countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria and Turkey). Gnomon-Greece, ICCS-Greece, CS GROUP-France, BETA80-Italy, UPO-CRIMEDIM-Italy, and ERC-Turkey are working together to develop and bring to the market an innovative solution aimed at improving the Mass Casualty Incidents responses. The main functionalities of the system are the following:

  • One of the very first fully digitized Triage Solution
  • Fully qualified Common Operating, Command and Control, Decision Support System
  • Computer Aided Dispatch system
  • Optimized management of victims’ health status/Interoperability with hospitals

The i-TRIER technologies are being developed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Civil Protection agencies in decision making, management and response to major emergencies related to natural disasters or man-made incidents, from the declaration of an incident through victim Triage, resources, personnel and vehicles management, to casualty care in the hospital.

The testing and evaluation process of Phase III will provide valuable feedback on the functionalities and advantages of the i-TRIER technologies and will result in a final version of the system for market uptake.

i-TRIER is part of the iProcureSecurity PCP project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.